The goal of the perp vault templates is to help developers spin up their project, serve as starter code, and re-use code that's been tested and put in production. Therefore, the goal is to get most of the templates and periphery contracts audited as soon as possible when they're finalized.

However, we're still at a relatively early stage of our development cycle, so none of the contracts have been formally audited. We've went through some peer review with security experts on parts of the codebase and will continue to do so but that's not equivalent to an audit. We're scheduling an audit at the moment, we will update the security status once we have any of the contract audited. We are releasing these contracts to allow teams to start building and experimenting, but caution should be used until more formal review and audits are conducted.

Also notice that, our repo only contain "templates" that are designed to easily plugin custom logic and additional functionality, so even after our templates got audited, any product launch with our template should get separate audits if they have implemented additional logic.

If you're a developer who's interested in launching a product with our perp vault template, please feel free to get in touch with us on #dev on discord, we'd be happy to provide grants and resources to help you build and secure your product.